There are so many cool kits of legos available.  It is dizzying, and so much fun to look at them all in the store… al the fantastic stuff you can build, if you follow the directions.  That is a big” if” in my world.  Following directions is not my strong suit

When  was growing up we had boxes of bricks – lots of bricks(my parents often painfully found the tiny ones with their unsuspecting bare feet – as I do now :). My brothers, sister and I  made alligators, houses, horses, and all kinds of weird critters.  Our creations weren’t as slick and perfectly fabulous as the kits – but they were our designs, and we loved them.  And quite honestly the kits didn’t exist, so we didn’t compare them to anything..

While today’s kits are cool, they remind me of the difference between blank sketch pads and coloring books.  The boxes of multi sized bricks are endless pages of blank paper, making whatever we could think of.  The kits, well, they are kits – its a different exercise.  It develops your “following directions” skills  – but not your ” I wonder if this will work”…

Creating without a photo to follow also builds your “my way is good enough” muscle – which is a tough one,  It’s a lame feeling, to get to what you think is the end of building the lego kit, and see that you messed up, that the Millennium Falcon appears to have already suffered a serious blow from the Empire…  Especially when you are 9, and the kit was built by a team of product marketing professionals.

I think it would be better if our toy stores had way more piles of random legos, to give expression to the kids(and big kids) random thoughts, and most excellent ideas…  And to now reach beyond this lego conversation, and use the little bricks as a metaphor), I’d like to view other “pieces” in my world as means to build more cool stuff …  That feeling that you have the stuff you need to make whatever you want is pretty powerful.  I mean really, I built an alligator & his habitat out of plastic bricks, what else can I build?bc1b002293ffcb46d29cf1a4fef37b16 Unknown

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