This painting is my nephew walking on Niles Beach when he was 5.  I gave it to my sister as a gift and she redecorated her whole downstairs around it!  The power of art 🙂  This a beach they visit every time they come to Gloucester.   It’s a painting of their son in a place the whole family loves.  My sister says when she looks at it it reminds her of relaxing, fun times, and of that great feeling of warm sun and summer air.

Another project I did was from photo that was very special to my friend – it was taken on a family trip to celebrate the life of a loved one who had recently passed.  She wanted to honor him, but not have a “shrine” in her home.  The painting I did speaks to her about love, family, and his big, immortal spirit.

I have a painting I did of my daughter at the beach.  For some reason I was focused on a still, simple, “contemplative” image.  Well, my daughter would have none of it, and kept wiggling and dancing as I was trying to take a photo for reference.  The resulting image always makes me smile – her  spirit(and any image of her) is just not still – it’s electric, and overflowing with her bouncy joy… as it should be….

what do you want to celebrate, think about, be reminded of?

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